I haven’t heard from baseball/girlfriend dude in over a week, but I’ve also been crazy busy and maybe he could sense that. I’ll reach out this weekend, though I expect him to either not respond or respond with a bullshit excuse. #optimistic

Charcuterie Boy is currently on vacation, but we’ve chatted a wee bit. When he originally asked me out, telling me it would have to wait until after he came back from family vacay, I called him out and said this would be a good test to see if he’d actually remember to follow up and make the date. He thought that was ridiculous! But I’d love for him to prove me wrong. So far, he’s not. It’s been almost 24 hours since I asked him a question… Assuming I continue to hear nothing, I’ll make one final attempt at contact upon his return. Consider my charcuterie dreams dashed.

Earlier this week, I noticed a very familiar looking boy in the section of our office where smaller companies rent workspace. I knew I knew him from somewhere but could not figure out from where! Today, I approached him. He also thought I looked familiar! But we didn’t go to the same college, and we don’t live in the same neighborhood. He just started working in this office, but said he also used to work around the corner, so maybe we’ve just seen each other on the street? Perhaps… but we both weren’t taking that for an answer, and so I kept hunting. No connections on LinkedIn. No mutual friends on Facebook. And then I decided to check my various dating apps. He wasn’t on Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge. Which meant I had seen him on Happn, the one that is supposed to connect you with people you’ve crossed paths with (Tinder meets Craigslist Missed Connections). It’s a piece of shit app so I couldn’t search for his name or scroll back far enough to find his photo, but I am certain that that’s where he’s from. So, next week I plan on revealing this mildly mutually embarrassing information to him. Wouldn’t THAT be ironic if we kept seeing each other on that app, never matched or talked, and then actually ended up going out because we actually work in the same office? Oh wait, that’s how dating used to work.

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