August 13, 2015 @9:12pm

So, Charcuterie Boy eventually texted me back last Friday, and we had a few nice long chats including one in which I discovered he already has a bitmoji (aka the key to my heart). We talked about going out on Tuesday, but when I checked in with him that day he was busy with work and couldn’t meet up. He asked if I could do later in the week, and we both excitedly agreed on Thursday in the LES at 9:30pm. But as you can clearly see, I am actually currently being FLAKED ON. Yup. #calledit

I also texted Baseball Dude over the weekend and we also made plans to hang out this week (Friday). And that’s even after he told me that he’s moving to London at the end of the month. It’s only until the end of the year, but still, a pretty big curveball (pun fully intended!!!). He claimed to really want to hang out, even after I offered him an easy out, but I still fully expect to be flaked on two days in a row.

As for the boy in my office, he says he never had Happn… and so the plot thickens.


August 14, 2015

Charcuterie Boy has not and will never be heard from again.

I guess Baseball Boy is not flaking on me (but probably only because I felt the need to reach out this morning in the sense of I’m-not-going-to-wait-around-for-my-life-to-start). But I’m already regretting doing that because this is clearly a dead end. We’re meeting later for what I’m considering our final date, and I couldn’t be less enthused. I wish my brain was better about making up its mind (and less ego-centric) so that I could go home instead.

LE SIGH. Feeling pretty jaded, disillusioned, and crappy in general today. :D

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