My date with Baseball Boy last Friday was really nice and fun and cheering. Overall, I feel positive about our extremely short-lived relationship, but also a bit like I have the worst luck ever. He moved yesterday and I told him to keep in touch. He said he “will definitely” and that I’m “an amazing girl” and he can only hope that I’m single when he gets back (with the emoji with hearts for eyes). Little does he know… I probably will be! Haha.

I forgot to mention that last week my boss took over my Hinge account. She edited some photos, rewrote my bio, and is now in charge of deciding yes/no and chatting up my matches. She said she’s gonna find me a boyfriend. I told her good luck. (To be clear, this is me not having faith in men—particularly men on Hinge. I have plenty of faith that I’m the smartest, hottest, coolest, funniest, most amazing girl on the market. Ask Baseball Boy if you don’t believe me.) So far, I’m not sure we have the same taste in men; after all, she did marry a woman. But, I do have tentative plans for a Hinge date on Sunday. I think my boss is more excited about this guy than I am, though.

In Bumble news, I matched with this guy: https://instagram.com/imnotathirdwheel/

Also, after a little over two years, I finally deleted Tinder. And I don’t miss it.

So, now, I have two fewer apps to worry about. What will I do with all my spare time??

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