I went on a Hinge date last night with a guy who was a few years older at Michigan. We’re gonna call him Party Gent, because he made it very clear he likes to rage and abuse substances but was sweet and walked me all the way home (he even stayed street-side of me which was cute and always appreciated in case a car decides to run off the road at us, killing him first #morbidromance). We made out and have plans to watch the game together on Saturday (during the day, in public, relax). Also, he has a Vespa.

I was originally supposed to have a date with a Coffee Meets Bagel bagel tonight, but he never followed up and I was thrilled to make granola and guacamole instead.

I did not meet any lifeguards in San Diego. BUT I did watch a beautiful bronze god play soccer volleyball, and my male cousin gave him my business card.

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