Yesterday, I had an 11-hour date with Party Gent, and we did what you think we did. I also rode the Vespa for approximately 8 minutes, and he cooked me scallops because I had never had them before. (Both my parents are allergic, so there was a high chance things could have turned ugly.) It was fun, but I wonder if we actually have anything in common. I’m content at the moment, but am also wary.

On Friday night, I met a boy at a roof party in Crown Heights. He works with one of my friends. At some point, the two of us were off to the side of the party, sipping from bottles and taunting one another. He helped me cut a balloon free so that I could wear it on my wrist. (We cut it too short and it was awkwardly at face level hitting us in the heads, but I think it was endearing. It’s currently tied around my bedpost. It’s mylar so it has good longevity.) His phone was dead, and I didn’t have any business cards, so when I had to leave he gave me his number and I texted him a detailed description of who I was so that he’d remember, just in case. I also may have included the poop emoji. I haven’t received any response YET, and I have no way of knowing if the text actually went through because it was green/non-iMessage. So, we shall see?

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