Still hanging out with Party Gent, but still feeling the same mediocre feelings. We probably hang out about once a week. There are many qualities about him that do not thrill me, but the overall experience is pleasant. I’m a little unsure of what I should do… I am 90% sure this isn’t going anywhere and won’t go anywhere due to my reservations, but does that mean I should cut it off right now? Part of me feels bad “leading him on,” though I can’t even be sure that’s what I’m doing because I really don’t know how he feels. He could care less for all I know. (He could also be in love with me for all I know, I guess.) The other part of me says, “Have fun! Who cares?” Another part of me wonders if I’m “wasting my time,” but I’m also not trying to get married tomorrow, so I dunno? Everything feels very hazy, but I’m assuming things will come into focus and/or end when things start to feel more serious than a weekly hang. Maybe he’ll suggest we “talk”? Whoooo knooooows. I do have to say, though, that the sex was better with The Comedian. Oh well, better than nothing! :-/

And, obviously, Balloon Boy was a one-hit-wonder.

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