After much deliberation, I ended it with Party Gent. I’ve never been the one to break it off with someone before, so I was pretty nervous. It ended up being fine and we were actually on the same page (that we were basically friends with benefits), so it was very drama free. He really wants to stay friends, and I’m in no position to turn down friends, so that’s fine I guess. Although he did say that he wouldn’t mind if “anything was to happen” but that it’s “good to acknowledge we aren’t going anywhere.” (No shit you wouldn’t mind. I’m cute!) I don’t really intend to sleep with him again, let alone just hang out for funsies (because remember, we have very little in common), but I guess we’ll see what becomes. I’m much more comfortable flaking on a “friend” than ghosting a “we still haven’t come up with a word for this… in Argentina it’s amigovio, which is a hybrid of amigo(friend) and novio(boyfriend) and basically means someone you are not-yet-seriously dating (read: casually boning), so let’s just use that term for the time being.”

Other than that, I’ve been off my app game. I need to come up with new opening lines for Bumble. Feel free to share suggestions or set me up with your funny/cute, but not too cute/smart/adventurous straight guy friends please.

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