As a newly matured, 25-year-old woman, these are my updates:

  1. I’m going to Party Gent’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Before you FREAKTHEFUCKOUT, it’s just as friends AND two other guy friends are going, too. However, he did offer me birthday sex, so I’m pretty happy I was out of town—and I hope he never brings it up again.
  2. I saw The Comedian for the first time in quite some time last week. So that’s another reason/reminder why I don’t want to sleep with the less-than-spectacular Party Gent again.
  3. Baseball Boy says he’ll be in town the first week of December. Third date??? Mixed feelings because now he becomes real again. And I still don’t know when exactly he’s moving back for good.
  4. In general, I’m feeling pretty burnt out by all these gosh dang dating apps (as I assume most of my peers are), soooo there’s that. Still truckin’ though!

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