I’ve decided that I’m probably going to reach out to Army Spy on February 16th, which is when Mercury is back to its former grade and glory and exactly 5 weeks after my last conversation with him (as well as exactly 2 months since we last saw each other). I’m sure things could change, but my plan is to basically get a definitive yes or no on whether or not he ever wants to see me again. He owes me that.

In the meantime, here are some dates I’ve been on:

  • Sunday, Jan 24 @7pm with a guy from OkCupid: He was nice, cute, and smart, but we had zero chemistry and I’m happy it ended after only an hour. I paid for my drink. 
  • Thursday, Jan 28 @7pm with VirginiaTech from Hinge: Nickname is because he’s from Virginia, and works as a computer engineer; he did not go to that school, though. He was really funny and nice to talk to (we even got into zero waste living and sustainability, so that was pretty fun for me) but after three hours and three beers on an empty stomach, I started to grow weary. I think we’ll have a second date, but TBD if that leads to a third.
  • Friday, Jan 29, not a date: I went to a college friend’s birthday party, and gave my number to and very briefly made out with another guy who went to our college. However, I don’t think I’ll hear from him because he seems like the type who only makes the effort to suggest you stay in the cab and come over at 5am, which I politely declined.

Potential dates with low potential:

  • On Monday and on Friday I was supposed to meet up with Jersey Ginger from Hinge. He was sick on Monday, so we pushed it to Friday, and then neither of us reached out. I texted him Saturday offering a third chance, but he’s not responding. Oh whell.
  • George Costanza from Bumble (he works at the Yankees) said he is only looking for friends/casual, and I’m (still) in no position to turn down friends. My schedule got busy and then he got douchey. We will not be seeing each other.
  • On Wednesday, I’m supposed to get a drink with a writer from Girls. He’s already been out with two of my work friends (he’s a friend of my boss’s sister), so I feel suuuuuuuuuper special. We have only interacted via my work email address.

In conclusion: UGH.

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