Harrison actually texted me again, I confronted him, and he was a complete dick. Glad that’s over, but also can’t believe I let a psychopath sleep in my bed.

Friday I had such a meh first date. The highlight was that he said I look like Kate Beckinsale—odd, but I’ll take it.

Saturday, I was with YoungerMan from 10:30am to 4:30pm. In that time, we went to brunch, walked around and sat in chairs at furniture stores, had coffee in Madison Square Park, went to the Museum of Sex, and hung out at his apartment for about 30 minutes. It was definitely a long day, and only at the end did I find out he was running on like 4 hours of sleep, but I somehow feel like I overstayed my welcome (I didn’t have plans till 8, he didn’t have plans till 11). I’m trying my best to stay optimistic, but it’s hard when that doesn’t completely align with your intuition. It also doesn’t help that he literally texted me constantly this past week. Regardless, I need to take a step back, slow my roll, and see what happens. In the words of Dion from Clueless, “Maybe he really was tired!”

Also, after about 8 months on the waitlist, I somehow just got into The League dating app. So, we’ll see if I end up marrying a banker from Harvard after all.

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