#23 Chapter Mitch

I went out with Mitch #1 (aka Mitchesota) on Friday night. I was very pleasantly surprised at how tall, cute, and outgoing he was. He’s a bit nerdy and a bit awkward, but it’s all for the best. We didn’t kiss, but he texted me right after to basically tell me that we should have kissed. We have tentative plans to go out again Thursday.

I went out with Mitch #2 (Abercrombie & Mitch) just now. He invited me to dinner at Roberta’s, which— despite usually avoiding first date dinners at all costs—I happily accepted, because pizza. It was a very nice feast in very nice company. He comes off like a bro, but I think he’s secretly a hippie deep down—which is ideal. (We talked about Phish and candle making.) He said he’ll reach out later this week. Extremely brief kiss when he dropped me off in his CAR!

Fun fact: Both Mitches are the middle child of three boys! Wtf! I definitely thought that was a last-resort name!

P.S. Working on secretly seducing Client Boy. Slow and steady wins the race.

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