Abercrombie & Mitch (#2) asked me to hang out two days later on Wednesday. First, we met at his apartment and smoked on his roof. (Note to self: please stop smoking on dates.) Then we walked to Berry Park and had drinks and food. I was terribly high the whole time and was so uncomfortable. So, I don’t actually know if the date was unenjoyable and that I don’t like him, or if we were both too high to function. He asked me to maybe hang out again today (Sunday) but I just woke up and really want to do nothing. Besides, that would be 3 dates in one week. He can wait.

Mitchesota (M1tch) and I were supposed to hang out on Thursday before he’s unavailable for 2 weeks, but he texted me that night and cancelled because of last minute work stuff. I’m hoping he’ll reach out when he’s free again, because of course he’s the Mitch I actually want to see.

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