#26 Mitch vs. Mitch

Date #5 with Mitch #2 was the usual amount of laid back fun. We briefly made out a couple of times, so at least we’re seeing progress. I always have fun when we hang out, but I don’t know that I’m actively excited to go out of my way to see him. Also, he’s really into booking up my schedule. After asking to hang out this weekend, I told him I’m busy (the truth), so he told me to let him know when I want to hang next. But I’ll bet anything he texts me first.

Mitch #2 is really nice and easygoing and very low pressure, but I’m just not sure what I feel. Maybe I feel nothing? In the past, I’ve swiftly developed strong feelings for people and it doesn’t pan out (read: Army Spy), so I’m not sure if this current apathy is good or bad. I can no longer trust my instincts.

Date #2 with Mitch #1 was also fun, but I think that’s due to the fact that he’s an extremely bubbly, fun person. We had a pretty cute kiss right before I caught my train (I could physically see the awkwardness and hesitation in his eyes—it was AMAZING), and he said he’d text me soon. However, he’s busy for the next three weekends, and doesn’t seem to hang out on weeknights. So, he doesn’t seem to have much potential, even though I’m pretty intrigued.

Overall, I’d say that I’ve kissed each Mitch up to the same level.

Slightly unrelated: Both Mitches have brought up the “how many people have you met online?” topic (they’re both fairly new to the scene), and I can only ever answer with: “Well, after over 2 years of online dating, people start to accumulate…” Trying my best not to come off as a digital hoho.

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