I went out with Coloring Boy four times (coloring book and drinks, food/drinks/ice cream, Smorgasburg and more coloring, Videology), and then ended it. He was extremely complimentary, but not so much complementary. He seemed to like everything about me (which is very nice and smart of him), and yet I couldn’t specify anything about him that I really like. Plus, he’s 29 and looking for a relationship, so I especially didn’t want to waste any more of his time.


In other news:

I got drinks with a newbie last Saturday. He was cute and cool, but I haven’t heard from him, and am okay with that.

I finally hung out with Forbidden Client last Saturday night, along with his friend that we ran into. He’s great, but I don’t think I need to devote any more of my effort to this lost cause. It’s nice to have more friends.

I’m excited to see what summer might bring! #OTL

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