#34 Have I got a story for you!

Thursday night, my friend and I wound up at The Standard Biergarten. We were ordering drinks and admiring how cute the bartender was. As she was signing her receipt, I had her write “white girl thinks you’re hot” with my number. Gave it back, drank our drinks, went home and ate some wings.

Friday morning, I wake up to a text from a random number (with a photo of the receipt) saying, “oh hey there.” I respond, and he……. doesn’t respond. TYPICAL. So later that evening while drinking at work, I decide to double text and ask, “do you even know which white girl I am?” He actually does and the conversation continues as we decide to meet up later that night.

We met up at 10 and had a couple drinks at a bar near me. Then, he asked if I wanted to go to another bar, and I did but told him I wouldn’t get another drink because I had to wake up early. We go to the next bar and I desperately rush to the bathroom. I come out and he’s ordered himself a beer and a club soda for me, which I was not expecting and thought was very nice. We kissed in the bar, and then he walked me home, and we kissed some more outside. He tried to come in but I shut him down. We have tentative plans to do something on Monday.

Things to note:

  • He’s an Air Force baby so he was born in Germany and lived there for some time and speaks German. #hot
  • He smokes. #nothot
  • In 7 weeks, he is moving to Berlin for a 2-year masters program. #iamamagnetformenthatmove
  • I asked him how often girls give him their numbers via receipt, and how often he follows up. He said he’s gotten around 30 numbers (I didn’t ask how long he’s been bartending, so not sure what his ratio is), but that I’m the first he’s responded to. Apparently the other numbers had been from uggos or while he was already seeing someone.  #ifeelcoolandspecial

So, whatever happens, this is a lesson to all to give your phone number to strangers! #otl #irl

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