Last night, Bartender and I had plans to go play shuffleboard, but at the last minute realized it’s closed on Mondays. After much back and forth and indecision, he suggested Netflix and couch. I hesitantly accepted, after first establishing that nothing would happen. I arrived, we got snacks, and he actually respected my boundaries a little too well, sitting a full cushion away from me. Towards the end, I scootched over for some G-rated physical contact. Before I left, he asked if “nothing would happen” meant we couldn’t make out. I said no, and so we did. Then he walked me to the subway station (and actually swiped in to escort me down to the platform).

Deep thoughts:

  • He established early on that he is not a texter, and he’s sticking to it. This does not bother me and I appreciate being forewarned. I think it also helps keep Psycho Girl Emily at bay.
  • The fact that he leaves soon removes a ton of pressure and anxiety on my end (and potentially his?) about how much I like him and what this could be and how we should interact. I know it should always be like that, but… yea right.
  • His apartment is “boy” to the nth degree, and he has a twin bed, so I think it’s safe to say future plans will take place at my solo bachelorette pad.

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