I had two more dates this past weekend, and 2017 is starting out as a year where I only date younger men. *shrug*

Friday night’s date was very nice and talkative, a real pleasure to be around. I’d go out with him again, but I also worry that that could potentially lead him on. He was actually really trying to get me to invite him over to watch Gilmore Girls, but I don’t have a couch and Gilmore Girls is ME TIME.

Saturday’s day date was a mere hour and a half, and I think he might be the man version of me. We’re both from LA, we’re both Jew-ish (naturally, being from LA), we both speak Spanish (again, LA) and we bonded over gardening / practical botany. He told me about how he once grew a full-size, delicious pineapple, complete with photographic proof, and I immediately swooned. We are attempting to make plans to see each other again but he is a painfully delayed texter.


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