Silly me! I forgot to share the anecdote of my Thursday date:

Our date was at 9 and instead of eating dinner, I had three beers with my coworkers. I ate a slice of pizza as I walked to the bar, but that didn’t help much. The guy was short and bubbly. We had a very pleasant conversation. Not sure if he noticed how drunk I was. He told me about how his friend has been writing a sitcom based on his friends (“like Seinfeld!”), and that it was being made, and he (my date) is playing the character based on himself. He asked if I wanted to see the script, and I said yes. He emailed me three episodes, and then we continued on our date. At the end, outside, he asked if he could kissed me. I paused for a verrrry long time and then said okay. It was bad. I left. The next day, I read all three scripts and oh my god are they terrible. Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, oh my! THEY’RE SO BAD. He says they’re being filmed, but I can’t imagine there’s any way they’ll ever see the light of television. He hasn’t reached out, and I doubt he will, but if he does, I’ve got some comments. There were typos, too!

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