After three weeks of A LOT of pretty flirtatious texting, I finally saw vaLLeyBoi818 on Sunday. We went for tacos and drank beer in my backyard. Then we made out and he had to leave. We might be doing something this weekend, but I can’t shake the all-too-accurate feeling that he’s lost interest. Whatthefuck-ever.


Two weeks ago, Pineapple slightly redeemed himself by officially ending our situation:

“Hey—we talked about ending things directly rather than letting them fade. You’re wonderful and I enjoyed getting to know you, but for me it’s time to move on.”

I responded with the classic,



I’ve never had much luck during summer (I can only assume it’s because I’m too intimidatingly tan and beautiful), so perhaps you won’t hear a ton from me in these coming months. Happy trails to you!

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