I had a highly enjoyable date last night with a very funny guy at a wonderful bar in our neighborhood. We drank beer, shared cheese and a baguette, and got bit by mosquitoes in the backyard. But most importantly, we bonded over a shared adolescent love of Degrassi: The Next Generation. We had a fairly awkward kiss at the end, but I would definitely see him again. Hopefully he feels the same way, even though my hair was pretty greasy and I fear I had B.O. #mypersonalitysmellsgreat

2017 is steadily becoming the Year of the Jew, and this barely-there halfie appreciates the positive influence.

*Unrelated wild story*

On my walk home from the date, I got absorbed into a giant group of orthodox Jewish men. I was walking among approximately 100 of them for the last block of my journey. As we approached my street, who was standing with his bike filming us on his phone as we walked toward his astonished face? The star/creator of High Maintenance. I gave him a “can you believe this??” look as I passed, and went home. I then found his Instagram and messaged him saying that I was the girl in the mob of Jews and that I was glad he videotaped it because I was too self-conscious to do so. He responded the next day with “so crazy” and requested to follow me. Naturally, I accepted.

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