Neighbor Boy came to my holiday party last Friday. I told him to get there an hour after it started because I was nervous that he might not be fun or it might be too awkward, and I needed a drink to prep. But he turned out to be a delightful date, and everyone loved him. He was outgoing and self-sufficient when I had to abandon him to go pee. I was relieved. We ended up going to his place, but didn’t get past making out because he has a Casper [this is not a sponsored post, unfortunately] and we were wasted and I fell asleep very quickly. I spent the night and there was lots of cuddling. Then on Monday, we got drinks and eventually picked up where we left off before I had passed out on the previous occasion.

After all this fun, but then not hearing from him for a couple of days, I looked back and realized I had initiated most of our texting as well as our last 3 dates. It got me wondering if he actually likes me or if I’ve just been presenting very convenient and fun opportunities for him to take part in. In the spirit of testing his interest and laziness, I’m taking a step back from reaching out. He did end up texting me last night and we’ve talked a bit since, but I fly home for 9 days tomorrow and we all know how helpful that is for a budding relationship. We’ll see what happens, but I’m gonna play it cool and try to only initiate letting him know when I’m back—which I guess means hiding my phone from myself while I’m high all week? All in all, all is well. After all, I AM THE PRIZE!


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