Neighbor Boy pleasantly surprised me by texting quite a bit while I was gone. He didn’t forget about me! In fact, he invited me to his friend’s NYE party. I loathe New Year’s, but figured I should go if I could be guaranteed a kiss, and then some. The party was about 20 people, and everyone was very nice and cool. In the Lyft home, Neighbor Boy said I was “heroic” for going to a party where I knew nobody and getting along just fine. Having once been told basically the opposite by my first ex, I was pleased to hear that I’ve improved my party skills. (Thanks, alcohol!) I also reminded him that he did the same exact thing at my holiday party.

We stayed in bed until 1 on 1/1 because I was nauseated from all that beer and champagne. I even had to poop a little at his apartment, but I think that’s better than vomiting, no? Before I left, he asked if I wanted to eat pizza and watch a movie later. I said yes, and went home for a few hours to wash up, do laundry, and nurse my hangover.

The fact that we are neighbors makes seeing each other ridiculously convenient, and I totally get why older generations married whomever lived down the block. It’s definitely fun, but I also feel like we’re hanging out in the shallow end of each other, and we could absolutely get to know each other better. I already have some burning questions, and am mentally preparing myself for the can of worms I will surely crack open!

*Unfortunately for this update number, there was no 69, but there was a 6 and there was a 9.*

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