Well, hello again….lol

Neighbor Boy and I got ice cream, it was delicious, and we walked home. On the walk home, he worked up the courage to say that he’d been thinking about what I brought up on Sunday about exclusivity. (Remember that very brief chat I mentioned? It happened on Sunday.) And in my head, I just start laughing and thinking about how I actually just jinxed myself! But I’ll let him continue.

He said that he’s not seeing anyone else, and that he’s having a lot of fun with me, but that he’s also not in a place to be getting into a serious relationship, and that he doesn’t want to lead me on if that’s what I’m expecting. Phew. I was mostly just relieved he wasn’t reneging on our last conversation and telling me that he does indeed want to date other people. So I told him that we are pretty much on the same page, and that we should just keep each other updated on what we’re feeling and if other people are becoming involved and all that. Because in all honesty, I don’t think I’m seeking a serious relationship right now either. I don’t think I’m built to handle another real relationship that ends in real heartbreak (which I think is partially why the Universe has kept me from getting into any with the bozos you all know and hate). Besides—for various hippie reasons that I can discuss offline—I don’t think I’m meant to meet my person for a few years. And when we do meet, that will be that, and we’ll grow old and die together. So, at the very least, Neighbor Boy could be a great “practice” adult relationship, seeing as my only other experience happened mainly in dorm rooms.

The weirdest thing was that he then predicted me bringing up the fact that we probably don’t have to use condoms if we’re only hooking up with each other. That was spooky, but probably not totally out of left field on my part. Whatever, I’m new to this.

But for now, all is well, and we have plans to hang out on Thursday. Excited to see how it all shakes out! L.O.L.

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