I thought about not writing an update because I didn’t want to jinx anything, but I’m pretty sure I don’t believe in jinxes and I figure it’s good to have some hopeful positivity in here every once in a while. Suffice it to say that Neighbor Boy is still in the photograph.

We’ve hung out 10.5 times, and we recently, very briefly talked about how we are not currently seeing anyone else. I didn’t think he was, but I felt the urge to ask. I’m trying to trust my gut and give it what it needs, like less dairy and more uncomfortable conversations.

Notable happenings:

  • On one occasion, he got a bloody nose ON my face, and it was pretty hilarious. It looked like I got punched and I really wish I had taken a photo. It was also the perfect opportunity to ask if he has any bloodborne diseases I should know about. Sneaky me! (He doesn’t.)

  • We watched his friend’s dog one evening, and it was in the room (my whole apartment is one room, after all) while we did stuff. My first voyeur! That I know of… (Actually, the dog was pretty respectful and/or didn’t seem very interested.)

  • We ate donuts in a park and witnessed a HAWK snatch up a critter for breakfast.

  • We are getting ice cream tonight. *~future happening~*

  • I apologize for starting with the best happening and having it get kinda boring from there. Shrug. Byeeee!

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