I would first like to make it claro that Neighbor Boy and I did not celebrate Valentine’s Day. I had class after work and he was in Boston all week. He did reach out that day and we texted, but the day’s “holiday” was adamantly ignored by both of us. I’m assuming it was intentional on his part. It sure was on my end.

In other news, I’d say I’m less than satisfied with how much he’s been texting and/or reaching out as of late. Granted, he was gone all week, and then I’ve been gone for the weekend, but I also noticed that I had been the one to initiate most of our dates over the past couple weeks. So, I’m trying to pull back a bit, at least when it comes to advance planning. I can’t seem to gauge his interest, and figure this is a good step before deciding that maybe this is no longer healthy or fruitful. I know this whole situation has an expiration date, and maybe it’s looming sooner than I expected. He’s dealing with stuff, I’m dealing with stuff, we both agreed we weren’t seeking serious; but at the very least I need a guy to be interested in and excited to see me. Otherwise, there’s really no point. #shruglife

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