I went on two more dates with the Piano Man from Arkansas. But before that, my friend who is also from Arkansas demanded to know everything about this guy, claiming that everyone in Arkansas knows each other. I shouldn’t have doubted her, because she does know him: he was in plays with her best friend in high school.

Anywho, on our second date, we drank a lot of beer and played skee ball before getting dinner and a margarita (school night). On our third date, we went to a party hosted by our mutual connection (not a school night). Afterwards, I agreed to go all the way to Queens, because he said there was a really weird bar there with Beanie Babies. It turns out they were just regular stuffed animals, not Beanie Babies, and I purposefully ordered the grossest drink on the menu (something with ginger and olives). Then, we went to his apartment, and he fell asleep while we were hooking up (post-clothing, pre-sex). So, I got a car home at 2:30am because I’ve decided I really don’t like when guys fall asleep on me, figuratively or literally. Plus, I had brunch plans later that day and Queens is FAR. We talked a bit at the end of that weekend, but it didn’t seem like we were really going to hang out again. But a few days later, I got invited to a new nerdy-comedy play being put on by the (actually very talented) nerdy-comedy musical theatre group I used to geek out over and also work for in my past life. I had already discovered that Piano Man knew about and appreciated this semi-under-the-radar group, so I decided to invite him (also because I knew no one else would ever go with me). The show is a whopping 3 weeks away, so tbd if we hang out again before then.

At this time, there are no other leads. There’s a very cute guy at work, but the jury is still out on his orientation.

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