I ended up seeing Literal Blind Date on Thursday and Sunday. On Thursday, I pregamed our dinner date with my friend who was also going on a date and we accidentally had 3.5 beers each, so I was drunk upon arrival. Oops! But I think I played it cool. On Sunday, we met at a bar in Brooklyn for a 5pm meal and a rousing game of Scrabble, which I won. He’s going to Iceland with his mom on Wednesday (aw) and returns the day I fly home for Xmas, so we planned to reconvene in 2019. Famous last words? It sure as fuck wouldn’t be the first time. But our relaxed momentum is a welcome change of pace, and I have plenty of other things to fret over.

In other news, I think Mr. Red Socks was also not feeling the vibes, and I thankfully haven’t heard from him since.

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