Welcome to My Dating Newsletter

In case you don’t already know me, I’m Emily—a mostly white, straight, cis woman. Pretty basic, I know.

I moved to NYC in January 2013 when I was 22. Dating apps were hot, and I was hooked within the year.

I went on a LOT of dates.

In 2015, exhausted from relaying every romantic update to every individual friend, I started a BCC email thread so I could efficiently inform everyone about who I was texting, dating, fucking, and/or crying over.

It’s now 2022, I’m 31, and… I’m still emailing dating updates. If 24-year-old-me heard that, she’d be devastated.

But I’d try to comfort her, reassuring her that all the gut-wrenching twists & turns of this romantic rollercoaster have been worth it. At the very least, her writing has improved (not to mention, her attitude) and it’s given her enough content to write a book-turned-series-turned-musical one day. Plus, something tells me the ride will be over soon.

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