Bathtub Lawyer tried to ghost me and I called him out on it, which led to a pretty good conversation about us both being on the same page about how this maybe doesn’t lead to us dating. A few days after that, we had a Sunday day date and it was the most platonic date of my life. I don’t even think it could be called a date; we half hugged at the end. So I thought, ok, that’s it, cool. But since then, he still gchats me and we still talk and I might be buying a laptop from his dad. We’ve both been pretty busy, but are we just friends? Are we ever hanging out again? Should I find someone new to have sex with?

ALSO, Alabama Boy popped up out of nowhere again (he popped up about 2 weeks after ghosting me the first time and then immediately re-ghosted), and I swiftly shut him down. Dickhole.

And finally, LinkedIn recently suggested I connect with Army Spy, who is now at Wharton Business School. No thanks.


In other news, I’m probably getting an IUD now that I basically have to. :(



Remember the Vegetarian from the very first email? Of course you don’t. Update: he is GAY. :-O

On Friday, I got ramen (and no alcohol until we went to a bar after dinner for one beer) with an older boy from Alabama. He was surprisingly funny and surprisingly smart, and I’m surprising myself with anxiety over when I’ll hear from him again. It’s nice to know I’m not emotionally broken, but it’s also inconvenient and nerve wracking.

Either way, I’ll be in LA for the next week. Bye!